Liquidising Bread

Liquidising Bread

If you are one of the many anglers who when feeding liquidised bread wonder why after the initial run of fish the swim dies – then read on!

Preparation of your loaf is the key. If you just cut the crusts off and blast it in a food processor then that will be your problem! What follows is a step by step approach to preparing your feed that should give you more bites for longer!

  1. Prepare your loaf- don’t use a fresh loaf as there is too much moisture in the bread and it will go lumpy- cut off the crusts and cut the slices in half

DSC06094 - Copy

  1. Blast it in a food processor, a few slices at a time and store until the whole loaf is done.

DSC06095 - Copy

3. Now flour sieve your liquidised, gently rubbing any larger bits against the mesh.

DSC06096 - Copy

4. You will be left with a pile of perfect liquidised and a pile of lumps (these were why the bites stopped!).

DSC06097 - CopyDSC06098 - Copy

5. Put the lumps back into the processor and blast again, then repeat the sieving process.

6. What you are left with – a bag of perfect liquidised bread and a pile of lumps to be discarded.

DSC06101DSC06099 - CopyDSC06102

The texture of the liquidised can be made even finer by freezing it and then sieving when thawed.

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