Once upon a time…

Ever since I can remember I have gone fishing, initially sea fishing with my father for tope, bass and anything else that swam by. A 30lb tope one weekend from the beach at Llangennith on the Gower followed by a 40lb monkfish the same summer saw me winning a reel, haversack and leather fishing wallet in various newspaper competitions.It was the leather wallet that led me down the path of catching firstly wild trout with a free-lined worm from a small stream and later coarse fish on bread paste from a local park lake. I was hooked on coarse angling!

Forty seven years later, after a career teaching, I am in the fortunate position that I have retired and can now go fishing more or less when I want and for whatever takes my fancy! It allows me to supplement my match commitments and try different approaches on a variety of waters. This is the start of my new adventure…

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