February 2022 – yet more blanks!

It wasn’t until Wednesday 16th that I ventured to Bowood again. This time after the weather we had been having I decided to give the main lake and the Pondtail a miss and head up to the Stockpond with minimal tackle – float rod and feeder plus haversack seat. On parking up I could see that the Pondtail was very coloured and walking up to the Stockpond the main lake looked in poor condition. I set up on peg 2 (the big fish peg) but was amazed at the water – it was like tap water! I decided to just set up the waggler a home made job teamed with my ancient Abu 506 and Filstar Extreme match rod. Two hours later and no bites nor sign of fish I decided to move down to the narrow shallow arm at the back of the island (peg 16) to give it a go. This also was gin clear and after half hour I capitulated and made my way home!

It was the following Tuesday before I ventured out again, this time to the Pondtail to fish the 5m whip. I found it in better state than the previous week but still very coloured, setting up on peg 1 I used what I refer to as the Orange 2 – a Chinese float that takes 1.1g and is all orange apart from the bristle!

From left to right- the Oranges, the Thins and the Thicks!

I was hoping I could break the blank spell and was relieved when after five minutes a small roach came to hand! I fished from 9:45 to 12:00 and ended up with 38 roach, a perch and a gudgeon for exactly 4-0-0.

I returned to Peg 1 on Friday 25th for what was to be my final session of the month, fishing from 9:15 to 12:40 I set up as before setting myself a target of 50 fish and managed to achieve that despite the frost on the ground when I arrived. Interestingly whereas I had most bites on double maggot (white and bronze) the previous visit this time white and red was the best bait although I did give corn a try after having fed a few grains along with the customary hemp and wheat. The corn produced an immediate bite from a netable roach but no further bites! The fish, all roach, weighed 5-06.

The day was interesting with a pair of kingfishers, one perching on a fallen branch by the bridge and fishing, the other coming to collect the catch and flying off to the other end of the lake where they must have had a burrow under a tree that overhung the water. Added to the buzzards soaring above, the kites calling and a pair of herons flying over as I packed up, it made me realise how much I take for granted!

2 thoughts on “February 2022 – yet more blanks!

  1. Not all blanks though … 40 fish is far from that … and at least making it to the waterside… which is something I’ve not managed for a couple of weeks again … think I’ve only managed 4 outings in 2022 so far … but hoping with better weather forecast for next week to make it out on both Mon 7th and Thurs 10th… 👍😊


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