Another April

Just a short one this month as not a lot is taking place on the fishing front as I continue my slow recovery. I am now up to 3.9miles which equates to home to the white gate at the end of the Pondtail and home again. Stamina improving but strength not up to much yet (probably will start of on rod and line when I first go!).

April has been spent tying hooks, creating rigs for the 6m whip that arrived, making some sarcandas reed insert wagglers and sorting out my bits and pieces of tackle that I always have to hunt for! One positive thing is I treated myself to a reel from Ali Express, not the usual £10 jobs that have served me well in the past but a SeaKnight Treant lll in a 4000 size for the princely sum of £23.52 delivered, that includes the 20% VAT we have to pay since Brexit!

I was a bit dubious about the over sized handle but it does feel okay, the handle folds down and in general the reel feels very smooth and free running with a good clutch. I got it with the intention of using it on the feeder so it will be interesting to see how it performs.

I am aiming to fish the Three Counties v Peatmoor match at Peatmoor Lagoon at the end of May, a match I always try to support no matter what but will limit myself to feeder and waggler to be on the safe side!

6 thoughts on “Another April

  1. So glad to hear that your recovery continues onwards and hope you return to the waterside very soon!

    Nice reel!
    Re: handle – you can get ‘generic’ spare/replacement handles easily if you find the large paddle not suitable for you – the exception being Shimano as they use square spindles whereas everyone else (well, all the ones I know to) use octagonal ones. Search AliExpress/Joom/Banggood – not too expensive. I’ve bought double paddled handles from there for replacements on some of my reels as I prefer that type and feel they feel better balanced.


  2. Hiya!!!
    Weather is turning to the better … and thought of you and hoping you made that 3 Counties match – or will do anyway – and hoping your recovery has been/is on pace!!!

    Take care and best wishes



    • Well I made it to the match although I packed up after 4hours as it was dire with only one fish being caught. I know the venue well and knew there was no sense in staying on as it gets harder not better as the match progresses and if you are blanking after 4 hours you would be after 5! Still it was good to get back on the bank.


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