Why video?

I started videoing, not for this blog but for me to check on my technique. Some examples of this :

  • Feeder fishing at Larford I was able to get an accurate assessment of if I was hitting the same spot each time;
  • Feeding- I can check whether I am feeding consistently or leaving over long gaps in my “rhythm”
  • Playing fish and losing them- I can spot if I have made errors in shipping back and created slack line

You get the picture? However, it is one thing to be able to identify the issues and it is another to be able to consistently rectify them. Again the videoing allows me to see if there is an improvement or am I lapsing into bad habits again!

My set up is quite straight forward – a bikers tubular camera that is mounted on an old tripod with an usb battery pack. The camera cost £30, the tripod was an old pole roller one approx £12 and I had the battery pack for my phone anyway but again £10, finally a 32gb micro sd card £9

Sometimes you can get things you are not expecting as these two clips from Clanfield show – the first a kite that was around all day with 5 others and the second an inquisitive dragonfly


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