A view of Bowood (pegs)

The view from the car  img_0403

420 paces to first gate, 60 paces to second then another 360ish to peg 12 and another 300 to peg 13! Who needs a gym when you have Bowood!

pegs13-to-17 View from peg 21.

peg21r View from 21 back towards the car!

Below (left to right) The bay at peg 18, Peg 19 to front and right. Note the platforms on the opposite bank here are reserved for Bowood staff.

Top left Peg 18, Bottom left Peg 19, right Peg 20 (island peg)

Top left view from 21 back past island to main part of lake, top right peg 22, bottom peg 23. Peg 12 can be seen on the far bank on the right.

peg11-winter14 Peg 11


Peg 4 the peg opposite is 24 with peg 25 another 30yards to the left out of shot!


View from peg 4 back towards the “shallows” and the car. Peg 25 can be seen opposite


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