Bowood video – Tench and Bream

July has been a busy month and with holidays and various other matches I have only been able to visit 3 times. The first visit was to the same peg (peg 5) and resulted in several bream to 4-4 and a tench of 3-12 for a total of 37-14. The next visit was a week later and peg 4 where the weed had really taken hold- a frustrating short session resulted in tench 4-4, 3-4, 3-3, bream 4-2 for a 19-14 total but also saw mew lose 5 good tench in the weed.

I only had one further opportunity for a short session in July and fished peg 6 which by now was very weedy (must take a rake next time) and I decided to try filming some action!

Bream 4 13  short version

Tench 4 1 

longer clip of tench

August should give me the time to get a few visits in and have a good go at achieving some of my targets.

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