Chinese Whip Rigs

When you buy a Chinese whip off Aliexpress it usually comes with a spare top and a bunch of freebies.

The “Freebies”

Starting at above the float is a rig making kit and a winder with a complete rig minus hooklength for the length of whip bought (more of this in a bit). Below the float is a green “doughnut that I believe is to go on the whip close to the butt to prevent it being pulled of the rests that they use! The blue roll is a self adhesive sponge handle grip similar to those used on squash or badminton racquets.

The rig provided is set up so that it is easily adjusted by moving the rubber stops –

The rig provided.

As you can see the rig consists of a small float adapter held in place with two float stops then a black plastic tube with metal wrapped around it, held in place by two float stops at either end leading to a swivel that they attach the hook length to. The rigs in China that are provided when you buy a whip are slightly different in that they have a two hook hooklength and have a pole winder type attachment that straps to the whip for transport purposes.

Basic rig making kit!

The basic kit needed to make a rig in China would be the above, float stops cost £2.29 for 300, the weight tubes cost £2.18 for 100 and the lead strip was £2.54. All the prices include VAT and delivery. You will notice that the lead strip if marked out in 0.1g segments for ease of cutting and has a special non-leach coating.

I have adapted the basic set up as unfortunately using the lead strip would be illegal in the UK so I have replaced it in two ways, firstly using either the foil covering from wine bottles (good excuse to have a glass!) or wrapping plasticine/tungsten putty around the weight tubes or secondly, and the easier option, use in-line olivettes!

I have dispensed with the swivel and simply use a loop to loop approach for attaching the hooklength. The Chinese rigs seem to have a heavy line of perhaps 8-10lb whereas I do not go above 0.14mm for the main line. The rigs are stored on spools in their own case. One case for the shorter whips one for the longer ones.

9 thoughts on “Chinese Whip Rigs

  1. When I need lead strip I use pieces cut from sheet roofing lead. Been a long time since I bought any though so can’t state cost. Used to make my own feeders using plastic mesh….

    Lead used on its own as shotting or ledgers is illegal if between size 8 shot (0.06g) and 1oz (28.35g) …

    However lead used as an integral part of a piece of equipment (eg lead strip on a feeder or lead wire used as the weighting of a selfcocking/loaded float) is not subject to such restriction.


    These regulations apply to lead weights, which are defined by regulation 2 to mean split shot or any other thing suitable for weighting fishing lines unless incorporated in the core of a line, or in the construction of swim-feeders, self-cocking floats or fishing flies.

    Regulation 3 prohibits the importation of lead (including lead in compound or alloy) in the form of lead weights. Regulation 4 prohibits the supply of lead in the form of lead weights for the purpose of weighting fishing lines, and creates a presumption that a person supplying split shot does so for the purpose of weighting fishing lines, unless the contrary is shown. These prohibitions do not apply to lead weights of 0.06 grams or less or of more than 28.35 grams.

    Regulation 6 prescribes criminal penalties for contravention of regulation 4. The maximum penalty on summary conviction is a fine of £2,000 and on conviction on indictment an unlimited fine. Importation with intent to evade the prohibition contained in regulation 3 will be an offence under section 50 of the Customs and Excise Management Act 1979 (1979 c. 2).


  3. Hi, I brought the 5.4m whip after reading about them in a forum post from you. I’ve only ever tried one other (British?) cheap whip I got for my son but found it impossible to get on with, the Chinese one is superb and really great fun to fish with so thankyou!
    Getting the whip also interested me in the tackle supplied and widely used in China and below is a page I found about setting up the float etc. maybe of interest to someone?


    • I have my rigs set at 0.14mm Lazer Tornado line (3.3kg) with a 0.12mm hooklength (2.6kg) of the same line going down to 0.10mm (1.9kg) in winter. The rigs that came with the whips look to be close to 10lb mono line. I would be happy enough to step up to the 0.14mm as a hooklength to a stronger mainline but the venues I fish don’t really need that strength of rig.


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